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The Archangel Uriel- The Planet Uranus- Kabbalistic Correspondances

Kabbalistic Correspondences:

  Note: Some sources place the Archangel Uriel to the sphere Da'ath. Other place the correspondence with the sphere Chokmah. Click here to see Cokmah Correspondences
Angelic Order: Not identified.
Chief of Angels: Not identified.
Archangel: Uriel.
Biblical Name of God: Yahveh-Elohim.
Personal Dedication: I speak.
Sefirothic Form: Not identified.
Sefira/Sephira: Da'ath.
Sephira Meaning: Sphere of True Knowledge.
Pronunciation: Not identified.
Sub Creature: Not identified
Element: Not identified.
Planet: Not identified.
Colour: Lavender.
Number: Not identified.
Virtue: Not identified
Vice: Not identified
Spiritual Experience:
Not identified.
Note: Da'ath. This is also referred to as Abyss, the point in which Adam & Eve fell from the Divine in the Garden of Eden. This sphere is represented on the Middle Pillar because both Adam and Eve (a male and a female) fell from grace.
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