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The DANGERS of Incense Smoke !

When using incense, it is natural for the substances used in the compounding of incense mixture, to give off large amounts of smoke. Naturally this will vary with the particular mixtures receipt and the ingredients included.

We all know that excessive exposure to smoke, in all its forms, is not ideal from a health perspective, and incense smoke is therefore no exception. If there a danger? We cannot say for certain, however we do recommend that you take some basic precautions when using incense.

Limit your exposure to excessive incense smoke as much as possible. You can do this by a number of means:

1. Do not burn excessive amounts of incense during your invocations. Billowing smoke may look dramatic but will not impress the celestial energies you are working with.

2. Ensure your place of working is well ventilated as much as possible. We all realize that during a typical UK winter this would probably be very uncomfortable.

3. Ensure you only buy your incense (non-combustible type) from reliable suppliers/manufacturers who use only 100% natural ingredients and you know what these are (unnecessary additives and chemicals should be avoided).

4. If you are not happy with using incense at all then don't use it.

5. Try using essential oils warmed over a low heat burner, as a replacement to incense.
Essential Oils.

For some people the use of essential oils on their skin may be an irritant and generate an allergic reaction. Test a little of the oil on your skin to establish your sensitivity prior to using the oil during a particular ceremony. if you are using essential oils in a ritual, e.g. anointing a talisman, and do not wish to have skin contact with the oil, use a small natural hair brush/cotton bud to apply the oil. Again,
If you are using oil instead of incense, do not pour the oil directly onto the coals, use a dropper or small spoon, to put the oil onto the coals, but do this very carefully.

This advice is not meant to be full, conclusive or based on any scientific or practical research, it is meant to make you aware that the use of some materials may have harmfully effects and therefore caution is advised at all times.


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