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Books on Angels and related

The books listed here, even though not published by ArchAn , are of value to the serious student of Angelic Magic.

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Recommended Book

These books are not listed here with the intention of replacing any Lesson material supplied by the OCM. They are listed for their interest and informative content only. Do not mix any techniques or correspondences that you may glean from any of the following publication with your current Pauline Art studies, unless specifically indicated.

"Prediction" Book of the Tarot
Madeline Montalban
Paperback - November 11, 1985 - Click Here to Review or Buy

Not really a book on Angels but one of the best and easiest boos on the Tarot to read. Also contains some Angelic information


  Guardian Angels: Connecting with Our Spiritual Guides and Helpers
Rudolf Steiner, P. Wehrle (Translator)
Rudolf Steiner Press
Paperback - October 2000 - Click Here to Review or Buy
  An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels
Pierre Jovanovic, Stephen Becker (Translator)
M Evans & Co Inc
Paperback - December 1995 - Click Here to Review or Buy
  Angel Signs: A Celestial Guide to the Powers of Your Own Guardian Angel
Albert Haldane, et al
Hardcover - January 2002 - Click Here to Review or Buy
  Angels of the Lord: Calling Upon Your Guardian Angel for Guidance and Protection Arthur Crockett, Timothy Beckley
Inner Light Publications & Global Communications
Paperback - January 1, 1993 - Click Here to to Review or Buy
  Symbols from the Kingdom Within: Angel Guardian Diary: Bk. 2
Janine M. Prefontaine,US
Paperback - January 1, 2001 - Click Here to Review or Buy
  Abaddon, and Mahanaim; or, Daemons and guardian angels. ...
Michigan Historical Reprint Series
Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan Library
Paperback - December 20, 2005 - Click Here to Review or Buy
  A Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels
Gustav Davidson
Simon & Schuster Inc
Paperback - November 7, 1994 - Click Here to Review or Buy
  An Angel Treasury: A Celestial Collection of Inspirations, Encounters and Heavenly Lore
Jacky Newcomb
Element Books
Paperback - November 1, 2004 - Click Here to Review or Buy
  Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millennium: Musings on the Modern Magick
Lon Milo DuQuette
Red Wheel/Weiser
Paperback - September 1997 - Click Here to Review or Buy



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