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The Archangels & Angels of Punishment

Archangels and Angels have and still do inflict punishments on those who deserve it. God can also punish nations, tribes and goups, for this he will use his angels. Below is a list of the most common angels of punishment:

The Archangels

      • Af (angel of anger and death of mortals)
      • Hemah (angel over the death of domestic animals)
      • Kezef (angel of wrath and destruction)
      • Mashhit (angel over death of children)
      • Meshabber (angel over the dearth of animals)

The Angels

      • Hutriel ("rod of God")
      • Kushiel ("rigid one of God")
      • Lahatiel ("flaming one of God")
      • Makatiel (plague of God")
      • Pusiel or Puriel ("fire of God")
      • Rogziel ("wrath of God")
      • Shoftiel ("judge of God")


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