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Archangels and Angels

Archangels and Angels primary objective of publishing rare and ancient mystical information concerning celestial beings for student who wish to undertake private study of the ancient Kabbala of the Pauline Art and other ritualistic methods and systems.

We also formed The Order Lux Lucis of Rose (The Order of the Light of the Rose), which undertakes the research and the compilation of information and acts as a point of reference and support for those that wish to join the Order. Members will have direct access to the Orders, electronic library of recommended works, unpublished information and information on future publications. We intend to build the Society into a scholarly mystical organisation over the coming years, and also a “one stop-shop” for all things occult.

We are keen to give our customers what they want, from a mystical perspective, and therefore if you would like use to add any services, information or products to our site please drop me an email.

Angelus Veneficus





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