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Order Lux Lucis of Rose (Order of the Light of the Rose).

The Order of the Light of the Rose was established to undertake research and compile information which may eventually be published by Archan, as an eBook. The Order also acts as a point of reference and support for prospective Pauline Art students who may feel they may need support or satisfy a need for membership of a group of like-minded people in order to progress their angelic studies.

The Order has no fixed ideological or religious alignment, we are an eclectic Order, and are open to the exploration of all of life’s philosophies and mysteries, but we do specialise in the angelic traditions as a first priority.

The Order is constantly looking for ways to promote the practice of the ancient Angelic Kabbala, and to this aim we provide members with direct access to the Orders electronic library of recommended works, unpublished information and news on future publications.

The Order aims to develop as a scholarly organisation and internet community over the coming years, for all things occult and therefore we seek your participation and support. Also if you are an As a Archan eBook customer you do not need to join the Order of the Light of the Rose.

However, if, you do wish to join the Order it is also not compulsory that you have to purchase any of Archans eBooks. If you do decide to join the Order I am afraid we do have to charge a small joining fee of £50.00. The advantages of joining however are:

1. Direct downloads of public domain books from our library archive for research and study objectives.
2. Access to magical templates as described in many of our eBooks.
3 . Access to unpublished angelic information.
4 . Questions and Answers/Guidance section.

The Order is currently not accepting any new members at the present. Please come back in the near future to see enrollment status.


Please Note:

Archangels & Angels is sponsored by the Order Lux of Rose. Archangels & Angels has no finincial or business influence over the Order or this website, and therfore is not responsible for the activities, membership requirements, membership services, philosophy or content of the Website or the teachings of the Order.

If you wish to communication with either the AA Website or OLR, please use the the published contact email address. Thank You. Click here to access contact details

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