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Archangel Azrael - Angelic & Planetary Symbols

The archangel Azrael

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Azrael(Hebrew) The Angel of Death, which means ''whom God helps'' He aAppears wearing a hooded cloak, similar to a monks dress. His clothes are black and he carry's a sickle in his right hand. (The Pillars of Tubal-Cain p256. - Nigel Jackson & Michael Howard, Capall Bann Publishing. UK. 2003).

Remember Angels are personal to you and tend to correspond to your mental image of them.

Morning Star

The Tarot Cards related to the Archangel Azrael and the Planet Pluto are Death (XIII) and Judgement (XX):

Death - This card has another name, Lord of the Gates, these gates represent night and day, good and evil, the beginning ((life) and the termination (death) of all things.

Judgement - This card refers no so muh as to man's judgement of man or t our personal judgement of a given situation, but to an assessment of our own stage of development that necessitates a change in order that we may develop further.

(The Prediction Book of The Tarot. - pages 103 and 121 - Madeline Montalban. Javelin Books UK. 1986.)

Illustrations of the Marseilles® Deck are public domain

Archangel Azrael,s symbol
Archangel Azrael,s symbol consists of a half moon siickle. Cabbalistic Sign for the Planet pluto The Kabbalistic sign for the Archangel Azrael and the Planet Pluto.
Alternative Kabbalistic Signs for the Planet Pluto
The Kabbalistic sign for the planet Pluto, indicated above right, has gone through a number of variations through the years. To the left are some of the alternative symbols used for the planet in the past.
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