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Archangel Cassiel - Angelic & Planetary Symbols

The Archangel Cassiel

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Cassiel, (Hebrew: Kafziel) is the latin name of an angel in post-biblical Judeo-Christian mythology, particularly that of the Cabbala. Unlike many other angels, Cassiel is known for simply watching the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference. He is the angel of solitude and tears, and is said to preside over the deaths of kings. In the MAGUS, he has been shown to have a beard and riding a dragon in some works.

Archangel Cassiel : Appears as an old man, as depicted in many Tarot Cards (The Hermit) , Holding a Lantern, Staff and may also hold an hourglass. (The Pillars of Tubal-Cain p256. - Nigel Jackson & Michael Howard, Capall Bann Publishing. UK. 2003).

Remember Angels are personal to you and tend to correspond to your mental image of them.

Morning Star
The World
  The devil

The Tarot Card related to the Archangel Cassiel and the Planet Saturn is The Universe XXI (The World XXI) and the Devil (XV)

The world of success differs for every person, but Tarot card No 21 signifies that the private world of the enquirer - his personal hopes and ambitions - will be fulfilled and success will be reward his efforts. The Devil is called the Devil or the want of a better name. Temptation is a better description as it represents many of the evils that befall man. (The Prediction Book of The Tarot. - page 107 & 124 - Madeline Montalban. Javelin Books UK. 1986.)

Archangel Cassiel's symbol consists of a spear and dragon The Kabbalistic sign for the Archangel Cassiel and the Planet Saturn.
The Kabbalistic sign for the planet Saturn, indicated above right, has had a number of variations. To the left are some of the alternative symbiols used for the planet in the past.
Carcer Geomantic Symbol (Capricorn)
Trisititia Geomantic Symbol (Aquarius)
The seal of Saturn
Arathron Olympic Spirit of Cassiel and Saturn
Hebrew letter Tau
Hebrew Letter "Tau" for the Planet Saturn
Agiel Planetary Spirit of Saturn
Zazel Planetary Demon of saturn


Astrological Sign


Astrological Sign

Seal of saturn
The Character or Seal of Saturn
Saturn Talisman or Kamea
Saturn Talisman Table (Kamea)
Alchemical symbol for Lead. metal of the planet Saturn.  
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