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Archangel Lumiel - Angelic & Planetary Symbols

No known image of the Archangel Lumiel has ever been published within the Public Domain
  Arcangel Lumiel - (Hebrew) "Light of God" - He appears a young man clothed on a white tunic and brilliant white cloak. According to some, on his brow he has a blazing star radiating rays of pure white light. he also wears a necklace of a Tau cross entwined with a serpent.
Morning Star

The Tarot Cards which related to the Archangel Luniel are the Fool (0 or 22), the Hermit (IX) and the World (XXI).

At an occult level,the Fool represents both the Grade 0 initiate who knows nothing but wishes to lean and the adept, grade22. Number nine in the Tarot, the Hermit can be interpreted as man in search of himself and finally the Worl which signifies the personal world of the enquirer. (The Prediction Book of The Tarot. - page 71- Madeline Montalban. Javelin Books UK. 1986.)

Archangel Lumiel's symbol is the Tau Cross
.The rose is also a symbol for the Archangel Lumiel.
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