Archangel and Angel Correspondances The Astrological Correspondences for Taurus the Bull
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The Astrological Correspondences for Taurus
Astrological Correspondences:
Astrological Table: Taurus.
Astrological Dates: April 20th - May 21st.
Element: Earth.
Mode: Fixed.
Astrological Plants/Herbs: Burdock, Colsfoot, Elder, Mallow, Vervain, Clover, Jimsonweed (Datura), Violet, Wild Roses and Coltsfoot.
Tree: Almond, Ash, Cherry and Mrytle.
Metal: Copper.
Power Gems: Sapphire and Tourquoise.
Gem: Emerald, Topaz, Jade or Opal.
Colour: Red, Orange, Brown, Indigo.  
Number: 6.
Day: Friday.
Season: Spring.
Tarot Card: The Hierophant (V)
Animal: Rabbit.
Bird: Robin and Magpie.
Symbolic Creature: Ram, Owl and Bull.
Anatomy Governed: Head and Neck.
Body System: Cerebral, Sholders and Arms.
Scent/Oils: Rose, Jasmin, Carnation, Honeysuckle, Strawberry or Vervain.
Harmonious Signs: Not identified
Geomantic Number: 5.
Geomantic Ruler: Kedemel.
God/Godess: Osiris, Apis, Asar, Hera and Venus.
Age Governed: 14 to 21 years of age.

Taurus the Bull

When the Moon is in the sign of Taurus rituals involving property,
housing, and material aquistions may be performed.

Health issue such as involving the throat, kneck and ears may be addressed.

The High Priest

Taurus the Earthly bull may seem an odd sign for a holy man, but it makes sense if you understand that the Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because, like all Taureans, he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that, like the Bull, he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist.

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