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The Archangel Anael - The Planet Venus - Kabbalistic Correspondances
Kabbalistic Correspondences:
Angelic Order: Elohim.
Order of Angels: Gods.
Chief of Angels: Anael. (Grace of God)
Archangel: Anael. - Haniel. The Angel of Love and Harmony.
Biblical Name of God: Jehovah Tzabaoth
Personal Dedication: Not identified.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of beauty triumphant.
Sefirothic Form: Beautiful Nude Lady.
Sefira/Sephira: Sephira 7 Netsah, Netzach .
Sephira Meaning: Victory.
Pronunciation: Nezak.
Sub Creature: Lynx.
Element: Water.
Planet: Nogah (Venus.)
Colour: Green.
Number: 7.
Symbol: Rose.
Briatic Correspondence:
Obligation: Responsibility.
Vice: Selfishness.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of Beauty Triumphant.
Tarot: The four sevens.
Animals: Cat and Raven.
Plants: Rose and Laurel.
Gems: Enerald and Amber.
Perfumes: Rose, Benzoin and Red Sandlewood.
Weapons: Lam and Girdle.
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