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The Archangel Gabriel - The Moon - Kabbalistic Correspondances
Kabbalistic Correspondences:  
Angelic Order: Cherubim.
Order of Angels: The Strong.
Chief of Angels: Gabriel. (Hero)
Archangel: Gabriel. The Angel of Truth .
Biblical Name of God Shaddai El Chai Sadai
Personal Dedication: I create.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of the machinery of the Universe.
Sefirothic Form: Hansom Nude Man.
Sefira/Sephira: Sephirah 9 Yesod.
Sephira Meaning: Foundation.
Pronunciation: Yesud.
Sub Creature Elephant.
Element: Water.
Planet: Levanah (The Moon.)
Colour: Purple/Violet.
Number: 9.
Symbol: Perfume.
Briatic Correspondence:
Receptivity and Perception
Illusion: Security.
Oblgation: Trust.
Virtue: Independence.
Vice: Idleness.
Spiritual Experience:
Visions of the workings of the Universe.
Tarot: The four nines.
Animals: Elephant, Tortoise and Toad.
Plants: Mandrake, Daminia, Yohimbe, Ginsng, Moonflower and Jasmine.
Gems: Quartz and Moonstone.
Weapons: Perfume, Sandles and Altar.


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