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The Archangel Michael - The Sun - Kabbalistic Correspondances
Kabbalistic Correspondences:  
Angelic Order: Malachim.
Order of Angels: Melachim (Kings)
Chief of Angels: Michael.
Archangel: Raphael. The Angel of Brightness, Beauty, Healing and Life.
Biblical Name of God: Aloah va Daath.
Personal Dedication: I Love.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of the harmony of things
Sefirothic Form: King, Sacrificial God, Infant.
Sefira/Sephira Sephirah 6 (Tephirah).
Sephira Meaning: Beauty.
Pronunciation: Tifaret.
Sub Creature Lion, Child, Phoenix.
 Element:  Fire.
Planet: Shemesh (The Sun.)
Colour: Yellow.
Number: 6.
Symbol: Sword
Briatic Correspondence: Centrality and Wholeness.
Obligation: Integrity.
Devotion to the Great Work.
Vice: Pride.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of Harmony .
Tarot: The four sixes and Princes.
Animals: Phoenix, Lion, Child and Spider.
Plants: Acacia, Bay, Laurel, Vine, Oak, Gorse and Ash.
Gem: Topaz and Yellow Diamond.
Perfume: Olibanum.
Weapons: Lamen or Rose Cross.


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