Archangel and Angel Correspondances The Archangel Raphael - The Planet Mercury- Kabbalistic Correspondances
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The Archangel Raphael - The Planet Mercury- Kabbalistic Correspondances

Kabbalistic Correspondences:
Angelic Order: Beni Elohim.
Order of Angels: Sons of the Gods
Chief of Angels: Raphael.
Archangel: Archangel Raphael
Biblical Name of God: Elohim Tzabaoth.
Personal Dedication: Not identified.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of Splendour.
Sefirothic Form: Hermaphrodite.
Sefira/Sephira: Sephirah 8 (Hod - Splendor).
Sephira Meaning: Splendor.
Pronunciation Hod.
:Sub Creatures: Two Snakes.
Element: Air.
Planet: Kokab (Mercury.)
Colour: Orange.


Symbol: Names.
Briatic Correspondence: Abstraction.
Obligation: Learn.
Virtue: Honesty and Truthfulness.
Vice: Dishonesty.
Spiritual Experience:
Visions of Splendour.
Tarot: The four eights.
Animals: Ibis, heron, Hermaphrodite, Jackel, Twin Serpents and Chimera.
Plants: Peyote.
Gems: Opal and Fire Opal.
Perfumes: Storax and Yellow Sandlewood.
Weapons: Caeuceus.
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