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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Angelic Magic involve Black Magic? - No, Angelic Magic, or the Pauline Art involved working with your Guardian or Teaching Angels in order to make your life fuller.

Do I have to work with others in a group? - No you do not have to.

Can I work in a group? - For study purposes this is possible, but for actual practical work it is better to work by yourself. Do not forget your are establishing a closer relationship with your Angels. They are yours and no one else's.

Do I have to buy robes or other items of paraphernalia to make this magic work? - No. But if you feel you need to then go ahead. We can advise if you are not sure if a particular item is not appropriate.

Do your books require me to buy other items before I can practice the Pauline Art? - No. But it is a good idea to use some good quality incense in your work. You can obtain this from whoever you want, the choice is yours.

If I decide only to buy your books for a number of Archangels then stop, can I take them up again at a later date? - Yes. If you intend taking a break from your studies that is entirely up to you.

Do I need an Altar, wands and other items? - No. All you need is a space where you can remain undisturbed for up to an hour or so and a working surface. Remember however that you get out of magic what you put in. Therefore if you want and feel that these items will give you additional impetus, then use them. Again the choice is yours. Again we will advise if you are unsure.

Can you prove to me that Angelic Magic works? - No, only you can do that. Undertaking any magical path we would strongly recommend that you keep a magical diary. This will enable you to keep a record of your progress and successes.

Do I have to buy your incense or talismans? - No, You will find enough information in the individual books or on this website to be able to make your own effective incense or talismans.

Am I bound by any secret oaths? - No.

Is any form of initiation required? - No. You are not joining a working group. Angelic magic is unique to you alone.

The Grimoire covers the following Magickal Subjects concerning the Archangels. All the information you need to know:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - The Magick of the Angels of Men - The Angelic Kabbalah

Chapter 3 - The Lunar Cycle

Chapter 4 - The Threshold of Light

Chapter 5 -The Archangels

Chapter 6 - Stones and Gems of the Archangels

Chapter 7 - Magickal Incense, Oils and Inks of the Archangels

Chapter 8 - The Signatures of the Archangels

Chapter 9 - Angelic Covenant

Chapter 10 - Olympian Spirits of the Planets

Chapter 11 - Angelic Tarot

Chapter 121 -The Almadel of the Archangels

Chapter 13 - Squares of the Magi

Chapter 14 -Angelic Psalms

Chapter 15 - Fixed Stars

Chapter 16 - The Mystical Hymns of Orpheus

Chapter 17 - Finally

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