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License to use Tarot Images

Where we have used copies of the Classic Rider-Waite Tarot card these images have been available on the internet from way back in the 90's. They were updated in 2001 by Paul Caskey. In 1993 US Games Inc. gave permission to Paul Caskey to distribute the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards across the Internet.

"These images may be used freely except that you are not allowed to charge money for them, neither are you allowed to remove the copyright notice which appears in the lower-right corner of each image."

Here is an extract from his website:

Many thanks to U.S.Game's, Inc. for providing the permission to scan and distribute these scans freely. Use them as you wish, but you are not allowed to charge money for them. YOU MAY ALSO NOT REMOVE THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE THAT APPEARS IN THE LOWER-RIGHT CORNER OF EACH IMAGE.

I have a physical copy of the letter of permission from U.S.Game's, so contact me if you need a fax of it.

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Other Tarot images may include Tarot of Marseilles which are in the Public Domain.

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