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The Book of Pentacles and Talismans
- This is a unique publication, which explores the redrawing of the Solomonistic Pentacle, and corrects many errors in the origiinal drawings. Many ancient talismans feature sacred symbols today which include the four basic shapes pentagrams, hexagrams, squares and circles. Some include Hebrew letters, unintelligible letters or secret alphabets, these all align to a particular planets and therefore archangel.

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Magical Talismans of the Pauline Art

All religions have one or a number of some power symbols or object that offers a measurable benefit to the true believer. Easily the most widespread of these occult objects is the talisman, and many of the religions in human history has offered adherents objects which purport to do anything from causing love between two people to attracting riches.

You won't find many people who haven't owned some sort of religious image at sometime in their life which supposedly offers some magical or religious benefit. The talisman (medal) is usually a small object, often made from metal, which has an image, words or symbols inscribed on the metal, designed to accomplish some specific purpose. Talismans are often worn on the body, in the form of a medal, a ring or amulet.

Talismans today still feature sacred symbols which include the four basic shapes pentagrams, hexagrams, squares and circles. Some even include Hebrew letters, unintelligible letters or secret alphabets.

True Angelic talisman should be manufactured totally by hand, to a recognized traditional design, utilizing the correct metals or acceptable alternatives and engraved by hand with a “Needle of the Art”. A talisman may be made by another, on your behalf, providing that is only consecrated by the actual user of the Talisman. However, a key magical law states that, you will only get out of your invocations, what you put into them! So if you can try to make your own talismans.

Talismans are produced as ritual objects and therefore should be kept from mundane use. They are NOT designed to be worn as items of jewelry, but may be kept on your person, within a material pouch
In ritualistic work the talisman is used to focus your intent and also for contemplative and meditation purposes. Talismans are produced for a number of ritual purposes, the most come to gain help and assistance from your angels. The rulerships for each archangel are as follows:

Angel Michael - Angel of the Sun - Achievements and worldly ambition. He grants you favor from people of power, matters connected with Government and Officials, also aids the physical bodies development, and also he rules all matters of music.

Angel Gabriel - Angel of the Moon - Ebb and flow of fortune. Increase of all things. Physical and domestic affairs of women. Matters of the home. He guards you on long journeys, especially travel on the sea. Rules conception and childbirth. Gives imagination and natural clairvoyance.

Angel Cassiel - Angel of Saturn - Rules matters of houses, property, land and farming, all old people. Matters of poverty and long standing ailments. Tends to favors those who have Saturn well aspected in their horoscopes. Rules over matters of KARMA or trials which must be endured. He brings his favors late in life.

Angel Sachiel - Angel of Jupiter - All money matters, social prestige and expansion. All legal affairs, lawyers and judges. Rules powerful and influential friends or business acquaintances, and all games of chance, competitions where money is involved.

Angel Anael - Angel of Venus - Rules love affairs, marriage and matters of affection. All artistic matters and things to do with beauty and attraction to the opposite sex. Drama, all arts and the creation of beautiful things.

Angel Raphael - Angel of Mercury - Heals physical ills, rules the brain and gives mental ability. All matters of communication. Rules matters of trade, contracts, letters and documents.

Angel Samael - Angel of Mars - Gives physical courage, makes the subject strong and able to recover from ills. Gives bravery and manual dexterity. Rules everything to do with machinery. Protects against death in war, by fire or violence.


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