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Angels and the Tarot

Ritual Taror The Book of the Ritual Tarot

(11th Book in the initiation path series). Takes the reader through the angelic spells that can be performed to request help and assistance from the Archangels . The Tarot is not examined as a fortune-telling tool, but a means of invoking the powers of the Tarot symbolism, which may be used to reduce the effects of Karmic situations. The Tarot may also be used to constructt a Sheild of Power, a talisman, unique to you, that will provide an umbrella of protection over your family and home.

There are chapters on, Simple Yearly Forcast you may use for the year ahead, Growth and Assitance Spells, How to address Karmic situations, and enhancing your rituals and the Scripts of the Archangels.

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The origin of the Tarot is unclear. Cards similar to the Minor Arcana are thought to have been in use in ancient Egypt. But their use, other than in card games is not really known and as the Major Arcana did not appear until around the 1400’s in Italy. Therefore, direct dependency to the ancient mysteries of Egyptian magic or Atlantis are a little far fetched. As far as the introduction of the cards to Europe is concerned some have suggested that this was undertaken by gypsies, who it is purported to have their roots in ancient Egypt. Once in Europe the Church considered the cards to be "the devil's picture book", and were quickly condemned by the Catholic Church as heretical. Just to possess them was a dangerous act.

No matter what the origin of the Tarot, it is clear that its symbols and images do have an effect upon the fundamental human psychological and consequently ones spiritual experience. The more one studies them, the deeper one understands becomes. They are therefore a tool meant to be used for enlightenment, and the discovery of “the Self”. Maybe this is why the Catholic Church considered them to be heretical!

This does not detract from the esoteric significance of the cards. As the cards developed they incorporated universal and ancient symbols that definitely have their origins in occult truths. This, through association, has linked the cards to the Divine.

Remember, magical truths are not confined to ancient Egyptian papyrus or Medieval Grimoire's. Magical truths are passed down during any period, by the angels. All they need is the recipient of the knowledge to recognize and understand what they have been given.

If used with sincerity, honesty and faith you have a powerful tool that your angels can use to communicate and help your soul reach a higher level in the universe.

The tarot cards, as many of you know, consist of two parts. The Major Arcana which contains the greatest level of symbolism, and consist of 22 cards. The Minor Arcana consist of 56 cards. The Minor Arcana are divided into four suits of ten regular cards and four court cards similar to a regular playing pack.

The Major Arcana, besides having the function of being able to ask questions and receive advice or guidance through their position and layout within a card spread, also has a usage as Angelic talismans.

If you look very closely at your Tarot pack, if you own one that is, you will be able to identify quite startling angelic symbolism:

The Lovers
  VI - The Lovers features the Archangel Raphael “Healer of God". The messenger of healing and reconciliation. The Astrological Sign of Gemini.

Sudden ruination of a project, plans or business venture and your inability to exert an influence over the situation.

This card is therefore associated with the element of Air (Swords)
  XIV - Temperance features the Archangel Gabriel, "Mighty One of God". The messenger of dreams, announcements, prophecy, revelation and resurrection.

The card signifies worries about health problems, financial worries or business discouragements. You feel that you do not wish to compromise to continue the situation.

This card is therefore associated with the element of Water. (Cups)
The Empress  

III - The Empress shows the Archangel Anael who rulership is over the planet venus and the Astrolicical signs of Taurus and Libra.

The card may represent a generally feeling of unhappiness with matters of the heart.

This card is therefore, naturally, associated with the element of Air (Swords).

The Devil
  IV - The Devil shows the Archangel Cassiel. The Astroloical Sign of Capricorn.

The card represents a seemingly never-ending battle to succeed and feel that you are blocked at every turn.

This card is therefore, naturally, associated with the element of Earth (Pentacles).
  XX - Judgment depicts the Archangel Azrael - Angel of Pluto. Some have associated it with the Archangel Gabriel and Michael.

The card can represent multiple temporary set-backs.

This card is therefore associated with the element of Fire.
The World
  XXI - The World the four figures in the corners of the card are also referenced in the Book of Revelation, 4:7, "And the first beast was like a lion ( Archangel Michael), and the second beast like a calf (Bull?) (Archangel Anael), and the third beast had a face as a man (Archangel Raphael) , and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle(Archangel Anael) ."

There is an angel associated with all the 22 Major Arcana and these may be used with ritualistic purpose. See also the brief history of the Tarot - Click here

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