Angels of the Months
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Angels of the Months
The Book of Hours

Is a devotional book made popular in the later middle Ages, and is the most common type of surviving medieval illuminated manuscript, which contains a collection of texts, prayers and psalms, for Christian devotions. The Books of Hours was traditionally written in Latin although many were written entirely or partially in European languages.

This Book of Hours concentrate on the Archangels and give Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly prayers, and requests directed to the Planartay Archangels.

The typical Book of Hours was developed for lay people who wished to incorporate elements of their Christian practices into their daily devotional life.

Book of Hours

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Each month has its own Archangel or Angel. It is these angels that teach use the lessons to be leaned that the season impart. [It appears that those seasons below relate to the North Hemisphere only. If you wish to work with these angels it is suggested that the seasons be adjusted to your environment]

The Angel of January - Gabriel (AKA: Cambiel) - Teaches us to take stock of ourselves and our lives. Gabriel helps us to be honest with ourselves and patient at the same time. He conveys the wisdom of an elder, and assist us to seek understanding from lessons which need to be learned. With this guidance we may establish new objectives for the coming year.

The Angel of February - Barchiel - The angel of patience. Barchiel teaches us to wait for Spring and to appreciate what winter has to offer. Barchiel during this period will assist us to finalize projects which may have been started but remain unfinished. He also prepares us to establish new objectives which we can start in Spring. The comfort we receive from Barchiel will help us to enjoy the solitude and quiet of the winter.

The Angel of March - Machidiel (AKA: Malahidael) - Brings us physical and mental stamina and courage. Spring is the period of new birth, spring flowers appear and the darkness of February starts to lift. It is during this period that Machidiel will help us to grow more confident and therefore assist us to move forward. Look to start new projects during this period as Machidiel will help you to make them successfully and grow, just as the power of the Suns grows.

The Angel of April - Asmodel - The spirit of rebirth. April is a time for new life to spring forth and therefore a time for new ventures. We are encouraged by Asmodel to look and consider new ventures which will help us grow as a person. This angel teaches us to delight in each sign of awakening, in nature and in ourselves.

The Angel of May - Ambriel (AKA: Ambiel) - Spring is embodied in this angels rulership. May sees the Earth grow, trees and shrubs in bloom and the Earth becomes fruitful. A new cycle of life commences. Ambriel helps us to develop and realize you inner potential and give a promise of fulfillment.

The Angel of June - Muriel - Helps us flourish and grow strong. Summer is upon us and Muriel teaches us to involve yourself with nature and to also continue with our plans and ambitions we first contemplated during February and March. Be out in the sunshine, feel the grass under your bare feet, the soft rain on your face and the scents of the summer flowers. Let these actions rejuvenate your body and soul.

The Angel of July - Verchiel - It is the time for leisure and holidays. A time to recharge your batteries, a time to play. Relaxation is an important lesson here and Verchiel encourages you to continue to involve yourself in nature. Appreciate the plants all around you, they will bring you happiness and joy.

The Angel of August - Hamaliel - Is the angel of perseverance. This is the time to review tasks, make changes and to re-double your efforts for achievement and personal success.

The Angel of September - Uriel (AKA: Zuriel) - The summer is drawing to an end, it is time to continue to push your goals forward. Uriel is the angel of salvation and encourages us to take stock, and if required use one final push to achieve your aims. Uriel will help you to recognize your successes which may come as a suddenly as a flash of lightening in a summer storm.

The Angel of October - Barbiel - Your personal harvest is here, now is the time to review the achievements you have accomplished. Is it what you wanted? The angel Barbiel will help you to see what you have actually accomplished. He therefore bestows clarity to you actions, honesty and objectivity to all you have done. This assists us to grow and understand our current resources.

The Angel of November - Adnachiel (AKA: Advachiel) - Autumn is here and Adnachiel urges us to acknowledge and appreciate the supporting others may have played in the accomplishment of our Goals. Relationships during this period are therefore extremely important.

The Angel of December - Anael (AKA: Hanael) - We may be in the grip of Winter but life is still all around us and therefore it is a time to give thanks for what has been achieved and to share our successes with others.

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[If any reader has a similar list for the angels of the Southern Hemisphere we would appreciate if this could be supplied, so we may publish the information to balance the text]

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