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Your Birth Date and Archangel Rulership

The month in which you where born has bestowed you with an important Angelic relationship. This is your Sun Sign Archangel. This Archangel is extremely crucial in your the study and progression in the practice of the Pauline Art and together with your Moon Sign forms the foundation of your Angelic relationship to your Archangels. (To find your Moon Sign Archangel - Click here )

Archangel Michael - Leo Only - More Click here

Archangel Gabriel - Cancer Only - More Click here

Archangel Samael - Aries and Scorpio - More Click here

Archangel Raphael - Gemini and Virgo - More Click here

Archangel Sachiel - Sagittarius and Pisces - More Click here

Archangel Anael - Taurus and Libra - More Click here

Archangel Cassiel - Capricorn Only - More Click here

Archangel Uriel - Aquarius Only - More Click here

The Archangels Cassiel and Uriel are a class of Teaching Angels know also as the "Angels of Men" and will help students who have other Astrological signs different from those of Aquarius and Capricorn. This additional assistance is a little too complicated to enter into here, as factor involving your Moon Angel and his Astrological Sign need to be considered.


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