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Angelic Communication Oil

Long ago magicians and spiritual workers made small batches of magical oils using hand picked herbs, roots, bark, flowers and minerals.

The magical use of the oils have been wide and numerous. In this article I am concentrating upon the unique properties of Angelic communication oil.

The communication oil, similar to the standard anointing oils used in certain traditions, and prepared in a similar manner. However, it is unique to the Pauline Art and Angelic magic in generally, as it was designed to assist in opening the third-eye also known as the “Mark of Cain” which is the seat of clairvoyance, the medium of celestial communication.

Naturally the oil is compounded to vibrate to the individuals own Moon Angel or Teaching Angel.
It does not matter who your Moon Angel is the oil is charged with magical intention, and the energized oil has the power to assist in establishing a communication link. Magical intention therefore increases the oils energy and enhances the success for establishing a communicative link.

Using the communication oil acts like a lens, focusing your energy, will, or magical intention for the oil, contains subtle aromas and scents which work at a much deeper level than words alone, so by means of the oils aromas it is building energies that are not possible using words alone.

As with other traditions the compounding of the oil should conform to certain Pauline Art traditions, principles and formula.

The main ingredient for the formulation of the oil, for each planet is:
Sun: Orange
Moon: Jasmine
Mercury: Rosemary
Venus: Rose
Mars: Pine
Jupiter: Frankincense
Saturn: Myrrh
Uranus: Sandalwood
Neptune: Sage
Pluto: Vetiver


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