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Feast Days of the Archangels

Of the Seven Archangels only three are commemorated liturgically:

      • St. Gabriel's Feast is on 24 March,
      • St. Raphael's Feast is on 24 October
      • St. Michael's Feast is the 29th September (Michaelmas)

St. Michael- Archangel Michael whose name means “Who is like God” is clearly the chief of all Archangels from the Christian perspective. He appears in the Old Testament (Daniel), the New Testament (Jude, Revelation) and even Islamic writing. In Christian art he is generally depicted hold aloft a sword, killing a dragon representing Satan.

St. Gabriel - Archangel Gabriel whose name means "Man of God” also figures in the Old Testament (Daniel), the New Testament (Luke) and the Qur’an. In 1951 Pope Pius XII declared him patron of those involved in electronic communications (radio, television, telephone, telegraph), illustrating his function as messenger. However this is in general conflict with the old Kabbala.

Finally St. Raphael - Archangel Raphael whose name means “God heals” is found in the Apocrypha in the Book of Tobit.

Consider that there are four Throne guardians or Seraphim mentioned as chief among the Old Testament angels, there appears to be one missing from the Feast day structure, as Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are mentioned by name. The old texts tell us that this missing Archangel is the Archangel Uriel whose name means "Light of God".

However it must be noted that there is mention in some texts of additional archangels other than those identified above. The number vary however these can range between seven and twelve. Enoch names seven, the others being Raguel, Sariel, and Remiel or Jeremiel.

Should we not then honor the Archangel Uriel? But what date should he be honored on?

Well according to occult law his season is winter and his month is September. His day is Saturday and his hour is the eleventh.

Therefore there is a good argument to set his Feast day on the 11th September.



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