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Freewill and Karmic Debt

When each of us was born, the time and place were "destined" before our birth, in response to the laws of Karma. Karma can be called the "debt" we owe God. Karmic debts are those we contracted from the wilful misuse of our freewill. As you know freewill is an extremely important concept within the Pauline Art it gives us the possibility of change, development and advancement

From the perspective of Karma, if you cause wilful hurt to someone you will have to repay that debt to the one you made to suffer.

We must all repay our Karmic debts, but for those that practice the Pauline Art they have the freewill to choose the method of repayment, and to choose in advance, the method or modification of learning our Karmic lessons. For these lessons are ruled by the planets and the Archangels of those planets that cause the effects.

We cannot do much about Karmic causes, of course, but we can avoid making things harder than they need be by realising we are not suffering for nothing, and that the suffering can come to an end the moment we know what causes it and deal with the effects by not continuing to contribute to the cause.

The lesson to be learned here is to be discriminating.

If your job causes you misery, then change it. If you are unhappy in the house you live in, then move. It is all a matter of vibrations, you can change you fortunes. You can cease to set causes in motion that bring about certain effects.

The Pauline Art introduces the laws that rule the Universe and the Archangels that can help us lessen the effects of our Karmic debt.


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