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Flowers, herbs and plants - Occult & magickal properties


Gardening Magick
April (Northern Hemisphere) is the perfect time of the year to start a small mystical garden, now that the weather is changing from winter to spring and turning warmer. Spring energy welcomes the bursting growth of nature and the season of the Fairy folk. Gardening has many benefits: not only do you create a space springing with life, you also create a space teeming with magick. It is also a peaceful activity to help you feel grounded, to connect you with nature, and also get you outside in the sunshine.

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The Book of Traditional Magickal Plants and Herbs

We all live a fast paced environment, with little time to do what we most want to. This applies to tramping around the countryside looking for specific plants and herbs. Also, modern herbicides are destroying our natural environment and many of our native plants are becoming more and more scarcer.

So what do most Magicians do? Many grow their own plants and herbs? or use a reliable occult supplier, who can guarantee their products as authentic? Considering these questions when I decided to write this book, I made the decision not to put a description of the particular plant in the listing, mainly because there have been cases of mis-identification, so unless highly accurate photographs of each plant is shown, and this, in my case, was impossible due to the potentially end product cost.

Agrimony Protection
Allspice Prosperity
Almond Money
Angelica Protection
Anise Protection
Basil Mend quarrels
Betony Protection against nightmares
Borage Psychic abilities
Broom To bless weddings
Carnation Feminine energy
Cedar Home purification
Chamomile Love
Cinnamon Energy
Clove Banishing
Damiana Love
Dill Money
Fennel Protection
Galangal Psychic abilities
Gardenia Love
Ginger Success
Hazel Divination
Holly Protection
Honeysuckle Healing
Horehound Protection
Hyssop Purification
Jasmine Dreams
Lavender Love
Lemongrass Psychic abilities
Lilac Protection
Marigold Legal matters
Meadowsweet Love
Mint Healing
Mistletoe Protection
Mugwort Psychic abilities
Orris Root Love
Patchouli Money
Pine Prosperity
Rose Love
Rosemary Cleansing
Rue Banishing
Sage Purification
Sandalwood Spirituality
Thyme Sleep
Valerian Love
Vanilla Lust
Vervain Love
Wormwood Scrying
Yarrow Love


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