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King Solomon's Ring or Seal

The "Testament of Solomon" an ancient manuscript or grimoire, purportedly written by King Solomon. Within the text Solomon mostly describes particular demons whom he enslaved to help build the temple. However, When a demon named Ornias harasses a young lad, who Solomon favors, by stealing his pay and sucking out his vitality through the lad's thumb, Solomon petitions for help in stopping this situation. His petitions answered by the Archangel Michael who gives Solomon a ring with a seal on it that enables him to command the demons. In some reviews of this work Solomon's ring is often referred to as the Seal of Solomon, which is not actually a ring but a design upon the ring.

Some versions of the "Testament of Solomon" indicate that the actual ring was made of brass and iron, carved with the Name of God, and set with four jewels. In other versions, which tend to be the later versions, the ring simply bore the symbol of the Seal of Solomon, which we now refer to as the Star of David.

The idea that something as insignificant as a ring can be a powerful magical charm has been used since the times of ancient magicians, Solomon. Egyptians believed in the power of magical rings to heal and bring good fortune, and Europeans as early as A.D. 800 made use of them in bestowing social privileges.

The construction and use of a magical ring is no more difficult than the making of a specific talisman or amulet, providing that you start with a blank, unadorned band, on which you can have a design engraved. Once the ring is constructed, consecrated and dedicated it will hold its magically charged intention long after its initial dedication.

The form of the ring consists of materials and inscriptions suitable for use as a link to the power which the ring confers, incorporating within the design specific celestial or magical correspondences.Thus it then remains for the magician the ability to magician to invoke the desired forces.

It appears then that magical rings are therefore worth the large amount of effort used in their construction. The ring, once constructed can then perform things all by itself or empower the holder to be able to perform specific effects.

Therefore rings may be empowered a magician, a celestial power or even by God Himself.

The Seal of Solomon, is known in some texts as the Ring of Aandaleeb. Its power is therefore highly sought or reproduced and many magician of the past have tried to attain its power in one form or another.

Therefore the use of magical rings is quite common within the traditions of Judaism, Christianity and to Islam.

One of the most influential texts used by many magicians in the past has been the "Black Pullet" a grimoire that purports to teach the production of magical talismans and rings. The Grimoire details the design of 20 rings and talismans.

Within the tradition of the Magic of the Angels of Men or the Pauline Art, there is a belief that once you have established a firm and lasting contact with your Holy Guardian Angels, each will reveal a design to you which you should have incorporated within a ring. This design (or sigil), its meaning or origin must never be revealed to anyone, it is a magical contract between you and your Teaching Angels, which may be use as an amulet of protection, and a means of contacting your angels to gain their help and assistance in times or need.

King Solomons Ring

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