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Magic of the Angels of Men - A Brief Introduction:

Magic of the Angels of Men, also referred to as the Pauline Art, is an ancient system of practical ritual magic performed with the intention of contacting one’s own Birth Angels. The system does not use complicated or highly ornate rituals, it is magic for everyday life and offers many individual and personal ways to contact your Angels, depending upon your needs and situation. The principles of Angelic teachings have been neglected for many years, with only a few Magus’s keeping the practice alive. In order to stop this loss of information The Order Lux Lucis of Rose (The Order of the Light of the Rose) has been formed, whose primary aim is to recover, consolidate and publish this near lost information.

Angelic tradition holds that there is only on One God, the Universal Creator, who sub-divided His powers into many Archangels, Angels and Lesser Angels. For our Solar System He appointed to each planet, an Archangel, with other Angels for the two Zodiacal divisions of each sign.

The function of these Archangels is to teach evolving man the sacred Kabbala, which, in simple terms, states that the Universe is linked together, from the lowest to the highest, in one interwoven mesh. At the head is the Creator; at the lowest level the first life found in the primeval ponds from which sprang life, and which would evolved into Man, by evolution and reincarnation.

The Creators plan was for Man, in time, is to become a full spiritual, mental and physically evolved human. To achieve this Man was therefore to develop into an intelligent, instructed human; he was to develop His soul through countless reincarnations. Until ultimately man would know all that the Angels know. To this end Man was to be instructed by the Planetary Angels, called the Teaching Angels. Each of us has two angels, A Sun Angel and a Moon Angel, both where present at your birth. [To discover who your moon angel is Click here]

Man would, through countless incarnations and spiritual development, come under the influence of each Archangel in turn, and learn how the planets influence the lives and destinies of men. In order to use this wisdom taught by the Archangels he first must be sufficiently spiritually evolved, in order to exercise the Creators greatest gift, Freewill. Man may be under the absolute rulership of the planets, but freewill will give him the power to choose his own destiny. The planets and stars may incline but not compel as this evolved human mind is capable of using freewill and guided thought, holding to that which is good.

To those with minds sufficiently evolved, the Teaching Angels were to teach their own secrets, to make man equal in knowledge to themselves, so that man would, in time, attain to Angelhood himself. When this was achieved, he would be absorbed into the Body of the Creator, he would then be reborn, this time as an Angel himself, and be given the dominion over some new planet in the universe, to teach in those beings evolving, as Man himself had done.

The Pauline Art, named after St Paul, who saw 'a blinding light of truth or the light of the Angels’ and who later in life found confirmation of it among the religious practices of the Simeonites and Essenes. What he found was this: "That the ritual of Invocation of the Angels of the Day and Night and the Zodiacal degrees, was called 'The Magic of the Angels of Man' a system of astrological magic similar to the method of Enochian Tables as used by Dr Dee and Edward Kelly, but far less complex.

So when you study the Magic of the Angels of Men you are treading a tradition that goes back to the dawn of time, and what you learn, is not only true magic but also the basis of all magic. It is secret only because few have the ability or inclination to devote their lives to the study.
If you decide to tread this path what you will learn through the study of the Magic of the Angels of Men is simple, the only devil is ignorance. So do not confuse this Magic with the so-called Black Arts, the Magic of the Angels of Men enables you to make the best of yourself and your talents at your current stage of spiritual development. It gives rewards for efforts made.

Remember the definition of Magic in the context of the “Magic of the Angels of Men” literally means “Prayer” - It is the art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the Archangels, by petition and action.

Magic has therefore two principal meanings:

Firstly, it has signified the pursuit by adepts of a highly elevated and esoteric form of wisdom based on the perceived presence in the world of mystical patterns and intelligence's, possessing real efficacy in nature and in human affairs.

Secondly, it has been applied as a term of disapproval by theologians and other intellectuals and professionals wishing to condemn various popular practices and techniques because of their perceived inefficacy in nature and human affairs.

In the first context, important from antiquity down to the high Renaissance, magic was magia, the highest form of (natural) philosophy; and it this philosophy that the practitioners of the Pauline Art strive to understand.

Seven Laws of the Pauline Art


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