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The Sarim - Angelic Princes

In Hebrew, the 550 Rulers King Solomon set over his work are called Sarim, translated as "rulers," "prince," and "chief" a title being used for several types of angels. The Sarim are considered part of the singing angels who continually sing the praises of God. The Torah tels us that there are three "precious pearls" in each direction giving us a set of twelve very special angels actually named in the Zohar. Some may recognize these as the twelve six-winged seraphim giving us the 12X6=72 sarim or princes/governors of all the language groups of the world.

Another role given to the Sarim is the protection of the nations of the World. Some 70 angels where given this task. However, it is stated that all these angels fell from grace following the war in heaven, all accept the Archangel Michael. ( Click here for more information on the Fallen Angels).

Further confusion abound that there is referenceto Se'irim, or hairy demons as the word itself means, are mentioned in Leviticus 17:7 and 2 Chronicles 11:15 as "goat-demons". Isaiah 34:14 says that the "goat-demons" greet each other amoung the ruins of Edom...." The Book of Enoch mentions sa'ir, sa'irim which also refers to 'he-goats' of which the Angel Azazel was linked. Are Sarim, Irim and Se'irim, the same?

As you can see what and who the Sarim actually are is a little confusing.

What we do know:

They are lead by a great angel princes, the Angel Tagas, conductor of the singing angels. Some identified angels are:

Aanfiel - Chief of the Crown Judgment angels of the Merkabah.

Akatriel - (AKA: Akatreil): Revealer of the devine mysteries and the angel of proclamation.

Anael - (AKA: Haniel) - Chief of the order of Principalities and Virtues; one of the 7 archangels; governor of December; reputed to have transported Enoch to Heaven.

Azbuga - One of the eight great Thrones angels who clothes himself with the garment of     righteousness those deemed worthy among the new arrivals in Heaven.

Barakiel - (AKA: Barkiel or Barbiel): Ruler of the Order of Seraphim, governor of the month of February, and one of the 7 archangels.

Camael - (AKA: Kemuel) - Chief of the Orders of Powers; one of the holy sefiroth; personifiaction of devine justice; one of the 7 archangels that stand in the presence of God.

Chayyiel - Chief of the Holy Hayyoth (Cheribum).

Gabriel - Angel of annunciation, resurrection, mercy, and vengeance; ruling prince of the 1st Heaven; chief of the angelic guards over Paradise.

Galgaliel - Eponymous head of the Order of Galgalim (chariots of the Merkabah); chief angel of the wheel of the Sun.

Iofiel - Preceptor angel of Shem and prince of the Torah. One of the 7 archangels and Chief of the Order of Thrones.

Jehoel - (AKA: Jaoel) - One of the princes of the presence.

Metatron - Chancellor of Heaven, Prince of the ministering angels and sustainer of mankind.

Michael - Chief angel of the Lord, deliverer of the faithful.

Phanuel - (AKA: Raguel) - Archangel of penance. Identified with archangels Uriel and Ramiel.

Quaddisin - Twin angels who, together with the twin Irin (See above), constitutes the supreme judgment council of the Heavenly Court.

Radueriel - (AKA: Vretil) - The recording angel and leader of the Celestial Choirs.

Raphael - Angel of healing, science, and knowledge. One of the princes of the presence and regent of the sun.

Raziel - (AKA: Galizur) - Chief of the supreme mysteries and angel Adam who he delivered the Book of the Angel Raziel.

Rikbie - Chief of the devine chariot and prince of the Merkabah angels.

Sopheriel Mehayye and Sopheriel Memeth - Two of the supreme angels of the Merkabah, keepers of the books of life and death.

Soqued Hozi - Keeper of the divine balances and one of the 8 supreme angels of the Merkabah.

Sandalphon - (AKA: Elijah): Angel of power and glory. Sandalphon's twin brother is the angel Metatron.

Shemuil - The great archon, mediator between the prayers of Israel and the princes of the 7th heaven.

Suriel - Benevolent angel of death. Instructor of Moses and a prince of the presence.

Tzadkiel - Angel of divine justice.

Uriel - Archangel of salvation and regent of the Sun. Also a member of the order of Thrones.

Yefefiah - (AKA: Dina) - Angel of the Holy Torah, he instructed Moses in the mysteries of the Kabalah.

Zagzagel - Angel of wisdom and chief guard of the 4th heaven. In the Bible the angel of the burning bush.

Clearly this list may include those recognised as Fallen Angels but also Archangels, Angelic Princes and Cheribum who are not. Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Anael, Metatron, Sandalphon and Uriel are NOT fallen angels.

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The Torah
Leviticus 16.8 and 17:7
2 Chronicles 11:15
Isaiah 34:14


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