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The Seven Days of Creation

God created the world in 6 Days and on the 7th Day he rested. Naturally this story is an anology and cannot be accepted on its face value. We all know that the Earth was in fact created over millions of years. The creation story was formulated to have meaning to its audience, and simply indicated the different stage that God used in his plan of creation for the universe and man.

Let's look at where it all started, "In the Beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth" (Genesis 1.1.). This has been interpreted, bearing in mind translation/interpretation difficulties from the original Hebrew, to, In the beginning God created the heavens that were seven in number. These were the seven planets ( Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) and their fields (Orbits or Seven Heavens). At this stage we can assume that the actual Earch was not in physical existance, just part of Gods future creation plan.

The First Day - On the first day God created the Sun in order to give light and warmth to the Earth. Again we have to make the assumption, with due consideration to audience undertstanding, that the concept of the Earth was already created, not the actual planet as this and the other planets would form from the power of the Sun.

The Suns actual creation is captured in Gods command, "Let there be be Light". Again this can relate to the "Big Bang" theory. The Sun from which all the planets were formed was created and the light of the sun spread through the solar system, throwing out matter which formed the planets we know today. God then gave dominion of the Sun to the Archangel Michael and Sunday became the first day of the week.

The Second Day - By the second day, the Earth had aready formed and God how was formed the Moon, from the Suns matter. The Moon's day, Monday, is therefore the second day of the week.
In Hebrew the word for the number two is Shemin or Ashnem. This is composed of the words Ash, fire, and Nem, slumber, and means the Star of Slumber. This determines the Moon's office to the second day of the week and also gives reference to her domain during night. God gave dominion of the Moon the the Archangel Gabriel. The Moon is a watery planet and therefore the Earth during this period was covered entirely with water.

The Moon represents the Astrological Sign of Cancer the Crab.

The Third Day - On the third day, Tuesday, Mars was created and God gave dominion of the planet to the Archangel Samael.From the Hebrew word for number three Mars is assigned to the third day of the week.

On this day God forced the dry land up above the waters. The mountains rose and God said: "Let the land produce vegetation!".

Mars represents the Astrological Sign of: Aries & Scorpio

The Fourth Day - On this day, Wednesday, the planet Mercury was created and it's dominion was given to the Archangel Raphael.In Hebrew the word for the number four, Arabo, is composed of the words Ar, light, i.e. as the light from a star, and Rabo, which means activity, business or employment. Thus, Mercury is the "star of employment". Arabo can also mean a finger, or a grasshopper. The root of the word "rab" means "to discuss or argue". The word Arabo, the number four, therefore refers to Mercury as the guardian of the fourth day,

Mercury represents the Astrological Sign of: Genin & Virgo

The Fifth day - Jupiter was created on the fifth day (Thursday) and dominion of the planet assigned to the Archangel Sachiel ( AKA: Sadkiel).

Jupiter represents the Astrological Sign of: Pisces & Sagittarius

The Sixth Day - On this day (Friday) we are told that God completed the creation of the universe . Venus In Hebrew the number six, Shish, is an abbreviation of Ash-ish which means the star of existence. On the sixth day Man was created and creation completed. In this manner the day gave the uprise to existence. According to Job (38:6-7) the cornerstone or capstone of creation was lay down; while the mourning stars sang together and all the angles (or Sons of God) shouted for joy. Music and happiness are both virtues of Venus. From the Hebrew Shish, or number six, it is therefore apparent that Venus rules the sixth day.

Venus represents the Astrological Sign of: Taurus & Libra

Friday belongs to the Son of Man. Jesus becomes identified with the capstone and was crucified on a Friday (Psalms 118:22, Luke 9:22, Acts 4:11) (To add some detail; It is Gabriel, the angel of the Moon and planet of fertility, that comes to Mary and says she is to be with child. While Jesus is to have given up his ghost on the 8th hour of a Friday which is the planetary hour of Mercury. At this moment he gives out a cry (Mercury) and hence a circle is completed). Pisces is the sign representing the Christian principle. While the natural ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, signifies anointment, it is the feet, ruled by Pisces, which is the part of body commonly associated with anointment. Jupiter and Venus, God (Jove) and Man, share dignity, or friendship, in the sign of Pisces, which represents Heaven, or the Garden of Eden.

The Seventh Day - The seventh day, Saturday, receives its name from the planet Saturn. His angel is Cassiel. Shebo, the Hebrew word for the number seven, is a combine of the words Ash, a star, and Sheb, old age. Thus, Saturn is the star of old age..

Saturn represents the Astrological Sign of: Capricorn

Much of the above information has been extracted for a much larger article witen by A. J. Bevan. See article title below.

Beavan, Andrew. J - The Seven Days of Creation and fundemental order in Astrology.

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