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The Seven Great Spirits

Amesha Spenta is a Zoroastrian vision for a class of divinity/divine concepts, and literally means (in reverse word order) "Bounteous Immortal". It is stated that the Hebrews combined the concept of Divine Spark or Bounteous Immortal with planetary and astrologcal concepts ', through their connection with Assyrian, Babylonian and Zoroastrian concents who already understood the Divine Spark which, unites ethereal and spiritual concepts with material and manifest objects in Zoroastrianism

Utilising Persian texts, as the translation of Zoroastrian text has proved difficult. The Seven Great Spirits or Divine Sparks are:

1. Vohu Manah -Middle Persian -'Good Mind' - Vahman or Bahman of cattle (and all animal creation)
2. Asha Vahista - Middle Persian - 'Supreme Truth - Ardwahisht of fire (and all other luminaries)
3. Kshathra Vairya - Middle Persian - 'Excellent Dominion' - Shahrevar of metals (and minerals)
4. Spenta Armaiti - Middle Persian - 'Benign Thought' - Spendarmad of earth
5. Haurvatat - Middle Persian - 'Perfection' - Hordad or Khordad of water
6. Ameretat - Middle Persian - 'Deathlessness' - Amurdad of plants
7. Ahura Mazda - Middle Persian - the guardian of humankind

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