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The Seven Celestial Halls

The Kabbalistic book the Zohar or "Book of Spendour", describes the journey of a prayer through the celestial halls. The actual authorship of the book is unclear but it is believed that the Kabbala were transmitted from teacher to teacher, in a long and continuous chain, from the Biblical era until its redaction by Shimon ben Yochai. The Zohar itself being a collection of revelations given by God to the Biblical patriarch Abraham, Moses and other ancient figures, but were never printed and made publicly available until the time of the Zohar's medieval publication.

According to the Zohar, prayers must ascend through seven celestial halls, with each hall acting as a test of the prayers conviction, emotion and acceptability. If the prayer is found deserving ( we are not too sure who does the judging), it continues its upward journey until arrives in front of God. If the prayer fails, the worshiper has to make greater efforts, strengthened concentration and inner acceptance to avoid prayer conflict. At the seventh hall the petitioner achieves an ecstatic communion with God ( a state of religious ecstasy) as an indication that the prayer has been accepted (and presumably granted).

Some indicate that the Seven Hall and the Seven Heavens are the same, they are not. It may be the case that one hall is located in each of the Heavens, however this is not clear.

There are 64 angel wardens who guard the entrance to the halls, these are as follows:

1. Khabiel (Chief Supervisor) Suria, Tutrechial, Tutrusiai, Zortek, Mufgar, Ashrulya, Sabriel, Zahabrieli, Tandal, Shokad, Huzia, Deheboryn, Adririon, Tashriel, Nahuriel, Jekusiel, Tufiel, Dahariel, Maskiel, Shoel and Sheviel.

2. Tagriel (Chief), Maspiel, Sahriel, Arfiel, Shahariel, Sakriel, Ragiel and Sehibiel.

3. Sheburiel (Chief), Retsutsiel, Shalmial, Savlial, Harhazial, Hadrial and Bezrial.

4. Pachdial (Chief), Gvurtial, Kzuial, Shchinial, Shtukial, Arvial, (AKA: Avial) Kfial and Anfial.

5. Techial, Uzial, Gmial, Gamrial, Sefrial, Garfial, Grial, Drial and Paltrial.

6. Rumial, Katmial, Gehegial, Arsabrsbial, Egrumial, Parzial, Machkial (AKA: Mrgial or Mrgiviel) and Tufrial.

7. Zeburial and Tutrbebial


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