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The Seven Seals of the Planets
The Book of Powerful Angelick Talismans

So a talisman, amulet, or charm may be a physical object that stores and radiates a magical energy to designed to  create change. It is important to understand that charms are generally items of folk magic and superstitions, such as a lucky horseshoe, a four-leaf clover, a rabbits foot, a babys caul or a bracelet of personal charms signifying important things in the wearer's life, and a charm can also be used to refer to a simple verbal spell. A metallic disk, stone, wand, sword, pen, paper, or television remote control can be a talisman provided that it is dedicated toward a "magickal purpose. The definition of magick, however, has successfully eluded occultists for centuries.
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These seals relate to the Seals of the Olypmian Spirits, that God assigned to each of the traditional planets to assist the Archangels of the planet. Olympian or Olympic spirits refers to the seven planetary spirits, not to be confused with the actual planetary Archangels ( although practitioners some do class them as angels). They inhabit the astral realms, and in the stars it is the function of these spirits to perform God's and His Archangels wishes, so long as God pleaseth to permit them. The names of the Olypian Spirts and therir Seals are:

SUN: Seal of Och, the alchemist, physician and magician.

MOON: Seal of Phul, lord of the powers of the Moon and supreme lord of the waters.

MARS: Seal of Phaleg, the War-Lord.

MERCURY: Seal of Ophiel, who commanded one hundred thousand legions of spirits.

JUPITER: Seal of Bethor, who commanded twenty-nine thousand legions of spirits.

VENUS: Seal of Hagith, transmuter of metals, and commander of four thousand legions of spirits.

SATURN: Seal of Aratron or Arathon the alchemist, who commanded seventeen million six hundred and fourty thousand spirits.

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Turner, Robert (trans) - The Arbatel of Magic, published at Basle in 1575 and translated 1655



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