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Why Study the Pauline Art?

It is impossible to give all the reasons why a person studies the Pauline Art, some want to explore the mysteries of the occult, others want to achieve remarkable achievements however, the study and practice of the Pauline Art is best practiced as an aid to becoming the “best you can”.

Each Archangel is there to teach you, comfort you, guide you and develop you, especially your Sun and Moon Angels, and you will come under each Archangels influence in turn, giving you the ability to developed totally and fully. You will experience the joy of angelic contact and comfort. Hold the unique understanding that you have a celestial friend to turn to in times of need and uncertainty.

The power of the angels cannot be used as to obtain a “free-ride”. The power of the angels can be used to help you to achieve your goal and ambitions, but you must play a part, you cannot sit-back and let the angelic powers do all the work for you, No, the angelic powers are there to help YOU develop.

Angels, or their powers, cannot be used for evil means, you cannot command, you can only request. Angels are not the slaves of Man; they are God’s messengers to sole purpose is to assist and aid Man.

Remember, you will be on a road of discovery, you will not become a Magus overnight, you have to develop and progress both mentally and spiritually and for some, development may be arrested, until some lesson in life has been learned, until that lesson is learned you cannot progress further. Which may be in this life or your next!

Angelic powers are not harmful; however, they should not be abused. The Archangels will not allow that. For those who try, they may spend some time in Karmic retribution until they have learned their lesson and then can once again move forward.

The Pauline Art teaches different way to communicate with the Archangels, you use what suits you best, there is not strict one-way of achieving enlightenment. There are many paths to God, you chose the best way for you. Your Angels will guide you.

To work with Angels is to work with joy.

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