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Working With Your Angels

Have you seen 'The Book of Hours'' - Angelic Prayers and requests?

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Many think that angels have been put onto the Earth to react and serve Mans every beck and call,this is not so!

Angels are celestial beings, whose main purpose is to carry out Gods wishes, not Mans. God in his wisdom has instructed the "Angels of Men" ( the Teaching Angels ) to assist man to develop, learn and gain the power over his or her own destiny. This sacred Kabbala has been given by God to enable Man to become the best that he can. To become the perfect being that God originally planned.

Angels are an important components in this plan and therefore have the authority of God assist Man in his development, but only if Man also helps himself. The Angels will not permit man to coast along on their efforts, Man must take positive action himself.

The magic of the Angels of Men therefore assists Man to overcome the influences of the planets, to understand remove Karmic debit and understand his or her place in the scheme of things. All with the help of the Teaching Angels.

Angels do have a retribution side, and although not experienced by many, they can make their displeasure known to a petitioner, through various means. These actions may not be as terrifying as those who disturb the darker side of the human psyche, but can be none the less unpleasant. Angelic foreces are very powerful and the Archangels will treat any neophyte severely who dares to play around with rtheir energies. However once experienced and guided you may use the Angleic mysteries to petition for assistance and guidance.

As an ex amble. Angels like and are attracted to ceremonial actions. The practitioner who cannot be bothered to perform these simple prayers to the established formula* (because the formulae is in fact a way of communicating intentions ) may be rewarded by a marked increase in what the petitioner is trying to remove or banish. Another case, you cannot compel the angels to influence another's if this would normally be against their nature, so you cannot stir the feelings of love in another, unless that person already has an attraction towards you. And finally, you may think you are helping others, by making requests to the angels to remove or improve the lot of a friend or colleague. What you are doing is interfering! You, no matter how much you think you know, cannot have the full details of why this person is going through such a particular trial, it may be a Karmic requirement, they may have brought it upon themselves through ignorance or stupidity, You do not know! Angel do and therefore if you start interfering in the lives of others the angels may give you a few trials of your own to contend with, just to keep you busy. There is always an exception to a rule and therefore this condition does not apply to family members who may need help. In cases like this the angels will review you petitions.

This is not to say that you cannot help others, you can. But do not insist that their conditions be removed! But ask the angels to help them to endure the experience and it be removed as soon as they have learnt from it.

So do not petition for "World Peace" you will not accomplish it!

Angels are not your personal problem solvers, they will bring miracles's spectacularly when needed,the key work here is NEEDED, not WANTED. They will be displeased if you do not try to solve your own problems, naturally with their guidance. Learn from your experiences, accept them and then wish to move on. They will help you to accomplish this.

So if you have partitioned your angels for something, let's say a better paid job, and you have not gained one in a reasonable time frame. Consider, do you have the right to seek a better paid job, have you the skills and qualifications, is the time right for such a move? or should you not seek to work for yourself? There are many reasons why a petition may fail to be answered, look for these reasons. The angels will give you guidance but only if you make the effort.

* As man learns from the angels he will be able to dispense with mundane actions and communicate on the pure mental plane.


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