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Most of the software is in the public domain however may have attached conditions of use. You are therefore strongly encouraged to read any information contained in the zip files, to ensure compliance with conditions of use.

Important Notice:

None of the software indicated forms part of the Angelic Tradition. They are listed for research, interest and amusement only. Before you load and run any of the software please be sure that it is compatible with your PC and Operating System. We have not tested all the software above and therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage to your system. If in doubt DO NOT install!

Also ensure that you run a virus check on all software prior to installing!

Astrology Software

File: 2.2Mb


Astro123 combines the following programs into one convenient, easy-to-use program: N_Interp (for natal chart analysis), MEandYOU (for understanding composite chart meanings), YOUandME (for understanding synastry chart meanings), Transits (for transit interpretations - includes a new transit report for up to 366 days of transits), and Keywords (for helping you become better at astrological analysis in general). Astro123 also does all the calculations for relationships such as composite charts, synastry, dual cosmodynes, bi-wheels, etc. This is the program I now use most of the time. This version has the latest dual cosmodyne algorithms for relationship compatibility analysis.


File: 631kb


AstroClock - Is a live Astrological chart wheel which is updated every minute. You’ll see the Ascendant and other cusps change minute-by-minute, and the current position of the planets gradually moving. The look of the chart is customizable, and placed anywhere on your desktop.


File: Not Known


AstroLog 5.4 - Position calculation features: Sun through Pluto and the house cusps. Chiron and the four main asteroids. True and Mean nodes, Part of Fortune, Vertex, and East Point. Lilith. Eight Uranian planets. Over 40 fixed stars. Over 170 Arabic parts and their formulas.


File: 6Mb


Astroprocessor - Freeware version for the amateur astrologer. Differs from the full version by the following: two types of double charts, transit and synastry are supported only, there are no functions of construction of some diagrams and tables, a geographical map - not scaled, the size is 675 x 337 pixels, distribution of interpretation is possible only in plain text format.


File: 4.7Mb


Enochian is a symbolic representation of Universe. Enochian is a name often applied to an occult or angelic language recorded in the private journals of Dr. John Dee and his seer Edward Kelley in the late 16th century.

The men claimed that it was revealed to them by angels, while some contemporary scholars of magic consider it a constructed language.

File: 5.2Mb


What Watch 3.6  - Draws and prints chart wheels, including synastry and composite, draws tables of essential dignities, calculates element and quality balances and allows analysing birth aspects using a "harmonic aspectarian". It is also a tool for the experienced astrologer who wants to follow closely transit, progression and solar arc cycles, including transits on composite charts. The program creates ephemeris lists for any given combination of planets providing dates of the transit itself, of stations and of sign changes.





Moon Software

File: 2Mb


Lunabar 99 v4.0 Description - Places an icon on the Taskbar System Tray displaying the current moon phase and age. You can click the icon to open a full lunar almanac displaying the following: the moon's phase and age (days); the daily rising, southing, and setting times at your location; the constellation and sign of the moon; and quotations and moonlore. It offers a choice of background gradients/bitmaps, or you can select your own bitmap or JPEG image. You can use the calendar to look up lunar information for any past or future date.


File: Not Known


MB Moon Phase 1.8  is a simple and accurate astronomy tool. The program has been uniquely designed to calculate which phase the Moon is passing through on any particular day. The program is based on the astronomy calculations which in turn are dependant upon the relative position of the sun, moon and the earth.


File: Not Known


Moon Phase Calculator - Henrik Tingstrom. Northern and Southern Hemisphere verions available.


File: 2.06Mb


Moon Phase Indicator  - just places an icon in the system tray showing the current moon phase. The moon age and the moon phase in text form are displayed as tool tip text when the mouse is moved over the moon icon in the system tray. These data may be copied into the clipboard. The Moon Phase Indicator may be configured to be launched automatically at computer startup.


File: 61Kb


Moontool - for Windows is a Microsoft Windows application which calculates the phase of the Moon at either the current time or at any user-specified time and displays a picture of the Moon at the correct phase, either as a system tray icon or in an open window.








File: 3Mb





Calendar Magic 17.1  - Is a calendar-related information covering Gregorian, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindu, Islamic civil, Julian & Persian calendars. It features date comparison, special events, date facts, dates & times of equinoxes, solstices & Moon phases, and lots more. As a calendar tool you won't want to be without it!


File: 144kb


Coligny Calendar - Is an ancient Celtic solar/lunar ritual calendar which was discovered in Coligny France. It dates to a time when the Romans and Celts coexisted, and heavily influenced each other. The Calendar that was found uses roman numerals for instance. However, the actual format of the calendar may be much older.





Planetary Hours Calculator

File: Not Known


ChronosXP  - Is a free planetary hours program for Windows. It runs from the system tray where it displays a glyph corresponding to the current planetary hour. If you double-click on the glyph, a calendar window opens up where you can see planetary hour times for any given day or location. ChronosXP currently supports the English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese languages.


File: Not Known


The Rosicrucian Fellowship Planetary Hours programs display listings of any day's planetary hours, their rulers, and the times the hours start. Max Heindel has said that the study and use of planetary hours can bring wonderful opportunities for soul growth if they are used to help our fellowman. Now you can begin to use them in a conscious, constructive way.




Predictive Software

File: 1.10Mb


I Ching: The Mystic Map of Time and Change -
Mystics use the I Ching as a way of plumbing the subconscious and praying to the superconscious for universal wisdom. As more people discover the I Ching, it is becoming an increasing popular fortune telling tool. This software comprises two complete I Ching oracles, providing a complete range of divination, and in conjunction with the online help system is one of the most sophisticated and textually complete I Ching applications ever released for the PC. Requires Windows 95/98/NT or newer. Shareware turned Freeware. NOTE: If prompted for a registration code (I wasn't) enter registration code: S3C6474185 Name: Current user. (see download site for more details)


File: 740Kb


THE ICHING DIVINER 2.1 - Is a Feng Shui friendly Divination program with a simple layout and line by line interpretation of the sixty-four Hexagrams from the highly regarded IChing, or Book of Changes. Reliable random casting, a seperate copy of the complete Text and the opportunity to self-interpret makes this a must-have version of the Ancient Oracle.

 Caution this is an exe file.

File: 1.3Mb


The Sigil Runecaster  - Is a highly useful Divination application with four separate Castings to choose from, Keyword meanings and further interpretations of the Elder Futhark Runeset. It has an 'Individual Runes' page for contemplating the Symbols and their Keyword meanings individually.

 Caution this is an exe file.





File: 786Kb


Free Numerology Calculator - has been downloaded over 200,000 times! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Version 3.41 is a minor upgrade. This enables the program's Help Function to run under Vista and Windows 7 without installing Microsoft's patch.

 Caution this is an exe file.




Ask the Ouija board

Spooky - an online Ouija Board


Keep coming back we intend to continually add software as it is located.

If this software contrevenes any copyright laws please let us know and we will remove.


Please ensure that you run your anti-virus software on any exe files before you install!!!!!!

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