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Archangel Sandalphon - Angelic & Planetary Correspondences

Name of Planet under rulership: Earth.
Symbol: See above.
Name of Planet in Hebrew: Eretz.
Teaching Angel: Archangel Sandalphon.
Also Know As: Sandolphon, Sandolfon.
Correct Pronunciation: San-DAL-Fon.
Celestial Title: Messiah.
Tradition - Angel identified in: Jewish, Kabbalistic.
Hebrew Name: Sandalphon.
Hebrew Letter. Not identified.
Egyptian Name: None identified.
Station: Cherubim , Teaching Angel also thought to be a Sarim or Angelic Prince. Kabbalistic Tradition: ‘Asheem’.
Ruler of: Not identified.
Gardian Angel of Planet: Archangel Lumiel.
Geek/Roman God of Planet: Not identified.
Metal: Not identified
Day: Any Day of the Week.
Hours of Day Ruled: Any hour.
Month: All.
Cycle of Days: 12 months.
Orbit: 12 months.
Fixed Stars: Not identified.
Days to Avoid Working with Archangel Sandalphon: Not identified.
Exaltation: Not identified.
Depression: Not identified.
Fall: Not identified.
Gems: Turquoise, Smokey Quartz.
Ritual Candle Colour: White.
Planetary Colour: Brillient White
Harran / Hermetics Colours: Not identified.
Complimentary Colour: Black.
Symbol: The Altar of the Double Cube, The Equal Armed
Cross, The Mystic Circle, The Triangle of Art,.
Tarot Card: The Four Tens / Pages.
Planetary Number: Not identied.
Talisman Sides/Size: 6.
Numbers of Earth: 0, 9, 20.
Musical Note: Not identified.
Direction Ruled: Centre.
Degree: Not identified.
Angelic Thoughtform: Young Woman Crowned.
Fruit: Lemon.
Tree: Lemon Tree, Willow.
Flower/Herb: Carnation, Lilly, Ivy.
Insect: Not identified
Animal: Not identified
Anatomy Governed: Consciousness, Agressive tendancies. Life, Prayer.
Astral Colour's: Not identified.
River Ruled: Not identified.
Letter Composition: Not identified.
Magical Script: Not identified.
Planetary Spirit: Not identified.
Planetary Inttelligence: Not identified.
Olympic Spirit: Not identified.
Demon of the Day: Not identified.
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Miscellaneous Information:  
There is some confusion on the correct translation of Archangel Sandalphon’s name. Some examples are: ‘Messiah’, 'Co-brother', or just 'Brother'.
Sandalphon stands at the crossways of Paradise and helps the righteous find Heaven.
Kabbalist tradition he guards Malkuth, and all who wish to venture up the Tree of Life, must gain his permission.
From a Christianity perspective the Archangel Sandolphon is connected with John the Baptist.
In rabbinic tradition, Sandalphon is the twin brother of Archangel Metatron
Angelic Signature:  
There is a know Angelic Signature for the Archangel Sandalphon, but this has only been published in private circles.
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The Archangel Governs:  

Magical Intentions: Life, Prayer, The gender of a baby in the embryo stage. Acting as a Guide. Connevting with the one consciousness, and assigning a special spirit guide to help you connect with the spirit world.

Rulerships: Music, concious thought, spiritual development

Negative aspects: None

Note: According to Peter de Abano, “…. that the first hour of the day, of every Country,and in every season whatsoever, is to be assigned to the Sun-rising, when he first appeareth arising in the horizon: and the first hour of the night is to be the thirteenth hour, from the first hour of the day ....” According to occult law a day starts at daybreak, not at midnight.

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