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The Archangel Uriel - The Planet Uranus- Kabbalistic Correspondances

Kabbalistic Correspondences:

Angelic Order: Throne or Auphanim.
Order of Angels: Ophannim (wheels)
Chief of Angels: Uriel.
Archangel: Ratziel. The Archangel of Knowledge and Hidden Things. or
Biblical Name of God: Jah.
Personal Dedication: Not identified.
Spiritual Experience: Vision of God Face to Face.
Sefirothic Form: Bearded Man..
Sefira/Sephira: Chokmah
Sephira Meaning: Wisdom.
Pronunciation: Hokma.
Sub Creature: Not identified.
Element: Not identified
Planet: Uranus or Mazlot (the Zodiac, the fixed stars)
Colour: Grey.
Number: 2.
Symbol: Phallus.
Illusion: Independence.
Vice: Evil.
Spiritual Experience:
Vision of God's Face.
Tarot: The four twos and Knights (Kings)..
Animals: Man.
Plants: Mistletoe.
Gems: Star Ruby and Turquoise.
Perfume: Musk.
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